Shrinking Press Freedom In India

Media in India, The Fourth pillar of Democracy is in jeopardy. Consistently there has been rise in

  • Suppression Of Independent Press
  • Critics Thrown into Jail
  • Journalists charged with sedition
  • Slapp Suits
  • Violence & Threats
  • Censorship

The World’s Largest Democracy has seen continuous decline, according to the World Press Freedom Index Report where it pathetically ranked 140th of 180 countries, worst in over two decades.

Independent Journalist Practices are being suppressed in both Mainstream Media & New Media.

Mainstream Media’s Watchdog, Ministry Of Information & Broadcasting has been censoring news reports to align with Governments Actions. In 2020 MIB blocked the news channel MediaOneTV temporarily for covering a news story about the ‘mob attack on Muslims’ in the capital New Delhi. The block was lifted after 48 hours.

More often than ever in decades Journalists are thrown into Jail & charged with Anti National Practices. In 2019 the Government of India restricted media coverage on Citizenship Amendment Act protests claimed to prevent law and order in the country. The federal administration along with prime minister of India stated the coverage on CAA demonstrations as “promotion of anti-national attitudes”

Slapp Suits by Corporations & Individuals have become more common in the Nation. The Essar Group, a multi business conglomerate filed a defamation suit for ₹250 crores against Caravan, a magazine known for its investigative journalism, when it published a 14,000-word article that made a number of allegations of corrupt practices by the company. While Caravan has decided to contest the case in courts, such threats may discourage other media organisations to investigate stories around wrongdoing by big companies or individuals. Politicians are not far behind; former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa filed 213 defamation cases against her opponents and media outlets for making “derogatory” remarks about her.

Recently in the midst of Covid-19, Uttar Pradesh Police Filed an FIR against Executive Editor Supriya Sharma, for a report on the effects of the country’s lockdown to combat the coronavirus in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s constituency of Varanasi.

In 2020 the government of India issued warnings against the foreign newspapers, including The New York Times, The Guardian, Al Jazeera, The Washington Post, Time Magazine, The Economist, BBC, and Huffington Post for portraying the India’s image negatively.

The Press Council of India’s report on “Safety of Journalists” states that 80 journalists have been killed in India since 1990, with conviction in only one case so far.

Another Tactic used by the Government is Manipulating of the Government Advertising to Mainstream Media. Newspapers and magazines do not get Government Advertisings (a huge source of income for print media) which portrays ill doings of Government.

The Reason for these atrocities is the flawed design of Indian Legal System which does little to protect Press Freedom and more to Silence & Harass it.

What’s the Solution?

Amending Present laws to give more freedom to media, and reducing political interference with press.

One such law that has shown positive results in Western Nations is Anti-Slapp Law.

Anti-Slapp laws allows Judiciary to dismiss petitions against media, that are meant only to silent critics, harass journalists & burden them with the cost of legal defense.

The Glorifying Future of any nation lies in protecting the rights of those who speak up against ill will.


Do not let Game Over

The Universe is a game

Gods are the devs(developers)

We are the players

Food is our health

Knowledge and self realization are our weapons

Beyond 5 senses is our communication with devs

Overcoming Materialistic obsession is our mission

Karma are our points

Do not let the game over, cause everyone can be a winner

Get ready, we are still in Beta Version

This is simulated reality


I created nothing

I tried to create something Meaningful

Something that stands the test of time

Something which grew on its own meaning

Something so Divine

Something true for all ages

Something Timeless

And i created nothing.


We are all Mortals

“Not One, No one Ever has or never will be immortal in History”


Lost Vessel

I wonder if a time will come

Whence Caption regains the control from the Vessel

I remember, Vessel forcefully took over the steers

The Caption allowed it to happen

Vessel forgot that it is just a means

Caption too forgot his consciousness and got lost in material things

And since then Vessel has lost its destination, in this infinite ocean

Caption still has the wisdom to navigate through this unknown

But it’s his unconscious desires that stops him to take over

If and when a day comes, Caption will complete its cycle around the infinite ocean, only to return in another vessel.


End of the Road

I have reached the end of the road
Pulling Reverse is useless now
Rear reflects no one’s any closer
Never any was
I am Afraid, I look back, I cry, I weep
Far Ahead, Off the Track appears a sign, “Smile and Gear up”
And so I wipe the Tears off
For Once in a lifetime experience
I push the gear ahead
It’s the end of the road.


Come People, thou may

Hundreds of people flocked in, when i landed upon thy Earth

Another Hundred rushed into my home, when i had birthdays

Another Hundred came for my graduation

Couple of Hundred more, when I had my marriage

Some more, when i had my first child

A Few others, when my son had birthdays, graduation and wedding

Only a tiny handful on my death bed

No one, when i left from thy Earth.


All the Night

Heart Weeps,

Silent is all the night;

Thirsty Stomach,

Watery are, all my eyes;

Calm at first,

Sad and Angry all inside;

Hot temper,

Cold is all the night;

Me Changed,

Argument from Your side;

You changed,

Never i wondered my side;

Smart, still

Thou Fool, from your side;

Thought you once competed me,

Yet, Alone all the Night;

Moon (he) Sleeps,

Stars awaken all the night.


I long to Seek You

I wonder day and night,

Where thou exactly reside?

Thy home nowhere to be found,

Is you only fancy to my mind?

Grandma told me when i was mere eight,

Soul leaves body to accept its fate

Were you so good, you was called by deva?

Or were you so bad, you was called by yama?

Either way, I long to seek you

From 7 up to 7 down, I will find you.


Deva – The God

Yama – The God Of Death

7 up 7 down – According to Hinduism, there are 14 Lokas in total. Among which 7 are above our realm and 7 below.


I know a place!

I know a place!

So Heavenly

So Divine;

So Infinite

So Boundless;

So Adaptive

So Resourceful;

You can see the whole wide world through it,

Away from any greed or selfish motives,

We have all been there,

Every Human,

Every Species,

Every Extraterrestrial,

Every Supreme Being,

Every Living Life,

I call it Mothers Womb.