Do not let Game Over

The Universe is a game

Gods are the devs(developers)

We are the players

Food is our health

Knowledge and self realization are our weapons

Beyond 5 senses is our communication with devs

Overcoming Materialistic obsession is our mission

Karma are our points

Do not let the game over, cause everyone can be a winner

Get ready, we are still in Beta Version

This is simulated reality


I know a place!

I know a place!

So Heavenly

So Divine;

So Infinite

So Boundless;

So Adaptive

So Resourceful;

You can see the whole wide world through it,

Away from any greed or selfish motives,

We have all been there,

Every Human,

Every Species,

Every Extraterrestrial,

Every Supreme Being,

Every Living Life,

I call it Mothers Womb.