Do not let Game Over

The Universe is a game

Gods are the devs(developers)

We are the players

Food is our health

Knowledge and self realization are our weapons

Beyond 5 senses is our communication with devs

Overcoming Materialistic obsession is our mission

Karma are our points

Do not let the game over, cause everyone can be a winner

Get ready, we are still in Beta Version

This is simulated reality


We are all Mortals

“Not One, No one Ever has or never will be immortal in History”


I long to Seek You

I wonder day and night,

Where thou exactly reside?

Thy home nowhere to be found,

Is you only fancy to my mind?

Grandma told me when i was mere eight,

Soul leaves body to accept its fate

Were you so good, you was called by deva?

Or were you so bad, you was called by yama?

Either way, I long to seek you

From 7 up to 7 down, I will find you.


Deva – The God

Yama – The God Of Death

7 up 7 down – According to Hinduism, there are 14 Lokas in total. Among which 7 are above our realm and 7 below.


Thy World

Humankind beat thy poor writer & countless many,

Exclaims Lunatic!

Uncovers greed far beyond Time & Space

I ask if it is not netherworld itself, and devil in the skin of man.


Ode To Devil

O thou devil,

What stops you?

Why so much pain and agony?

Must sure be, land of dead greater than land of living dead.